Warning: Fortnitemoney is against any unethical lending practice. We never ask for upfront fees and hidden charges.

How Does Our Fast Lending Process Work?


Select your loan deal and go to ‘Apply Now.’

Select your loan deal

Fill out the simple online form with required details.

Fill out the simple online form

Submit the form and wait for approval.

Submit the form

Get Loan approval and same-day fund disbursal.

Get Loan approval

Five Borrowing Benefits that You Get From Us:-

  • Obligation-free lending for first-time borrowers
  • Tenants and homeowners are pre-qualified to loans
  • Convenient to apply & secure to follow the Procedure
  • Loan deals for Excellent to Very Poor credit People
  • Special deals for students and retiree individuals

Personalised Lending with No Fuss and No Fees. You have a chance of never-before-seen loan offers and a safe financial future.

Loan amount of £2,000 for 1 year. With a monthly repayment of £211.56 over a loan term of 12 months instalments at a rate of interest per annum (fixed) of 46.5%. This is equivalent to 46.5% APR Representative. Total amount repayable is £2,538.74. We are a direct lender, not a broker.

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Why Fortnitemoney for Personal Loans?

Come and grab the excellent borrowing chances through our first direct personal loans that are waiting to serve your purposes. Here are the reasons to choose us:

Lower Interest Rates

Lower Interest Rates than other Direct Lenders

Yes, our loans drag interest rates that are affordable to everyone irrespective of any credit history. Each deal has a specific arrangement where rates are decided according to personal circumstances.

Choose Own Repayment Term

Choose Own Repayment Term

Yes, our prospective borrowers have the liberty to select their repayment term so that they do not miss any single payment. It will boost their credit scores too and better financial record.

Extended Your Loan

Extended Your Loan Term

Yes, unlike other direct lenders, we give our borrowers the option of extending their loan term if they need more money to accomplish personal desires. There is no need to apply again, as you can continue your existing loan.

Fortnitemoney for Personal Loans

Our Services


Guaranteed Loans

Do you want an assured solution to your financial problems? Of course, you do. There is no need to wait for long. Instead, start applying for our guaranteed acceptance loans.

We try our level best to offer you guaranteed loan approval if you are ready to afford it. Show us your repayment capacity, and we are prepared with personalised loan offers. Besides, you can get approval despite bad credit since your recent credit performance is more than satisfactory.

Apply now because you are our pre-approved borrower.


No Guarantor Loans

Do you have a poor credit score? Is no one ready to be your loan guarantor?

There is no need to worry because we are providing you with much-needed support. And it comes through no guarantor loans.

Finding the guarantor may be challenging, as your credit score is not defining your financial credibility. These loans without a guarantor give you a sigh of relief. You can save time and money to solve your financial issues.

Apply for no guarantor loans, especially when you need urgent funding.


On Benefits Loans

Have you been denied loans due to the absence of a full-time job? Are you living on benefits? If your answer is yes, then we are going to offer you on benefits loans.

The best part of our lending is that the application procedure will remain the same. Indeed, we can approve your loan request on the basis of the benefits received. If those benefits are in funding form, we can accept them as your repayment source.

Submitting your online application for loans for people on benefits now will give you an advantage of instant funding. Do it now...


Unemployed Loans

Why give yourself a headache during the unemployment phase? You can find us as your most prominent financial backer. Our unemployed loans are available with flexible interest rates and repayment schedules.

You can convince us of the loan affordability through the part-time income. We take it as your repayment capacity and approve the loan.

With us, you can get funding until finding a new job. You also have an automatic deduction option that will help you improve your credit score.

Take your fingers to our ‘Apply Now’ button and obtain maximum instant benefits of loans for the unemployed.

Loans Paid In Minutes- Yes, Only 15 Minutes!

Fortnitemoney is a dedicated place to get suitable and stable financial assistance. We feel proud when we assist someone at a time of urgent need of funds.

We have a well-organised online loan application procedure. It is enough to bring prompt and proper loan approval. When we approve your loan application, you will be surprised to see the loan disbursal to your bank account within a few minutes.

Therefore, our borrowers prefer us as the ideal platform to get 15 minute loans. It means no hours, no days and no weeks to wait for a loan. You apply today, and you get the loan today.


This facility brings several loan benefits to your favour, such as:-

  • You can get loan approval with no credit check;
  • There is a 97% loan approval chance;
  • Instant loan decision;
  • No issue of less-than-perfect credit history;
  • Loans with no compulsory obligations.

If you are accurate to your loan application, we are ready to offer you affordable loan deals irrespective of your employment status.

Smaller but Smarter Personal Loan

Fortnitemoney has framed specialised unsecured personal loan offers, which are full-fledged with smart features. No matter what is your financial purpose, we are committed to offering proper and prompt assistance. From unemployed to the tenant to self-employed, everyone is welcome here to enjoy the fast funding process.

Direct lending has its charm and character, i.e. quick and quality lending.

We are the follower of this philosophy and bring relevant personal loan deals that can match to your situations. The only online application method is applicable, and nothing disturbs in the sense of hefty documentation and strict obligation.

Easy Loan with No Need to Approach Anyone

Are you struggling with no one is there to take your loan guarantee? Do you need an alternative quickly? If yes, then Fortnitemoney brings the ideal solution as fast loans with no guarantor required. Yes, you do not need any ‘third party’ to avail our loan benefits.

Do you need a broker to connect to us? Absolutely no because we belong to vast online presence and anyone can quickly obtain the features that we are presenting. We have set an example for others where there is a demand for 15-minute loans from a direct lender.

Apply Now for the best loan for you in just a few minutes...

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How Do Our Borrowers appreciate Us?

It was a pleasure to deal with Fornitemoney. I was in no thoughts what to do or not, but one of my friends suggest me the lender’s name and wow, how correct was my decision. I would definitely recommend your name to everyone looking for unsecured loans.

Maria, UK

Nothing better than having the responsible lending and Fortnitemoney does precisely. You guys are amazing, especially in providing quick money access with no hassle at all. Surely, you are one of the best online lenders in the UK. Keep it up.

Natalie, London

A few months ago, I applied for no guarantor loans in Fornitemoney and amazed to see the instant reply from the representatives. The staffs here are truly professional and helpful, guiding me on every stage of the application process. I won’t hesitate to recommend the company’s name if someone is looking for personal loans.

Michael, Manchester

Good job, Fortnitemoney. I am feeling delighted to have their assistance at the right time. I was very nervous due to my bad credit, but once I availed loans for bad credit, it was so relaxed for me to handle with my financial issues. Thank you very much!

Shelley, Liverpool

I am a tenant and facing severe financial scenario for the last two years. After applying for tenant loans at Fortnitemoney, my problem has been solved, and now I am rapidly coming back on to the track of financial satisfaction. Thanks a lot

Emma and Bill, London

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