July 3, 2021

5 Reasons for the Popularity of Personal Loans in the Lending Business

By : Ellie Brown

Personal loans are indeed a very popular service in the lending business, with millions of applications each year. One primary reason for its popularity is the multipurpose use of the loan amount. Unlike the other loans, you’re not supposed to spend the loan amount on a specific purpose.

There are endless situations where you will require financial support to manage the expenses. You can use a personal loan for the majority of them because of the varying tenure and loan amount. In this blog, we will explore the popular reasons for a personal loan for borrowers.

What Makes Personal Loans Popular for Numerous Purposes?

The eligibility, term, amount, and interest are the significant reasons for the popularity of the personal loan. It is available for borrowers of different profiles. You can get loans for the unemployed, pensioners, people on benefits, and students without guarantors.

Moreover, you can use the amount for any purpose you want. You don’t have to explain the plan to the lenders like a business loan. Or, there is no specific purpose for the loan amount such as home improvement loans or education loans.

Major Purposes for Personal Loans

People should understand the use of different types of loans to get the best deal available. It makes more sense to get car finance for a new car instead of a personal loan. Similarly, the following purposes are ideal for a personal loan –

  • Life Emergency

A life emergency can cause serious troubles in the absence of a savings fund. An accident, unexpected repairs, deaths, and unemployment are some of the primary reasons people look for financial support. A personal loan is the first option where the borrowers can access the fund instantly with minimal paperwork.

The cash in your wallet is not always enough to get the broken electronic appliance repaired. Moreover, you may find yourself in the middle of nowhere with a broken car. These unexpected situations require emergency money in an instant, and the personal loan will fulfil the requirement.

  • Lifestyle Improvement

Your life can have a scope of numerous improvements, from a fancy interior to the latest gadget. You can use a personal loan to improve your lifestyle with some significant changes. It provides enough funds to renovate the house or upgrade the laptop with easy instalments.

The car loan may provide enough money to cover its cost. But the additional fund to instal a luxurious interior in your fancy car may require a personal loan. Another lifestyle improvement includes vacations after regular intervals to relieve stress and explore the world.

  • Big Events

Weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and graduation are some major life events. You want to make these days memorable with a grand celebration that will require money in your account. A personal loan will help you organise the perfect party with no sudden expenses to ruin the day.

Millions of people take loans for their weddings or other important events. You must have a line of credit available before the event for an unexpected situation. Though many lenders offer special offers for their wedding loans, you should avoid them because of the shorter duration and heavy interest rates.

  • Gifts for Others

Holidays are the season where people celebrate together with their families and friends. Many of them have a custom of exchanging gifts to show their value in your life. You can take a personal loan from direct lenders such as Fortnitemoney to manage the cost.

Parents are forced to take personal loans near Christmas to buy gifts for their children. It also involves numerous other expenses such as food, decoration, and whatnot. If you can afford it, it is wise to take a personal loan and let the kids enjoy the holidays to the fullest.

  • Business

Business loans are not easy to get approval from banks with the strict policies, heavy paperwork, and difficult eligibility. People often prefer personal loans in case their application for a business loan is rejected for some reason. It is sometimes not worth the trouble waiting for approval from the higher authorities of banks.

Moreover, you can use the loan amount for the operational costs. Personal loans are the ideal option if your business requires instant funds to survive. Business owners also use it to invest in some campaigns to grow their business.

  • Cash Shortage

You may encounter a cash shortage because of an unexpected expense outside the budget. It is one of the most common reasons for people to take doorstep or payday loans. The loan amount will help you survive till your next paycheque.

Moreover, you can use a personal loan to manage the instalments for a month with financial troubles. Missing the instalments will negatively impact your credit history to increase the interest rates for future loans. Therefore, it is wise to continue the payment with a short-term loan to save money on late fees.


To sum up, a personal loan is very helpful for people in distress. You get access to instant funds with minimal paperwork with the online application and fund disbursement. However, you should borrow responsibly to avoid unnecessary stress on the finances and defaults.

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