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April 25, 2020

Artificial Intelligence: A Boom to Fight off COVID19

By : Ellie Brown

The whole world is going through the pandemic of an infectious disease Coronavirus (COVID19). It has infected over 2,600,000 globally. The pandemic does not seem to be relenting because the number of cases is rising tremendously with each passing day. Health experts have been finding out the ways to develop a vaccination for treating COVID19.

Of course, the health expert has to put their back to finding ways to fight off COVID19, but artificial intelligence (AI) is helping a lot to contain the spread of COVID19. There is no denying that the human role is crucial to develop a vaccine, and it is a must to prevent human life. Medical experts have suggested that it may take at least a year to establish the desired vaccine to cure the infection.

Here is how AI is contributing to mitigate the impact of this virus.

It helps in forecasting

As there is no vaccination available, the only method to combat the virus is quarantine. To prevent the virus from spreading, it is paramount to track the virus. The more you track, the more people you will prevent from catching the infection. Here comes the role of artificial intelligence. Advanced AI tools can detect the likelihood of an outbreak before it happens. A Canadian start-up, BlueDot helps in tracking this infectious disease using AI. Other start-up companies like Nanox based in Israel has also made a digital X-ray system for detecting and identifying the symptoms of COVID19.

It helps diagnose the virus

Not only do AI tools help you track the virus, but they help in diagnosing the virus. There are some AI-integrated solutions to help medical experts detect the presence of the virus in less time. Companies making such AI-driven solutions are claiming that they have the potential to demonstrate results as accurate as possible.

Some countries are using thermal cameras to detect whether people have a fever or not. Medical facilities and other public places like airports have been using such a camera. Now there is no need of human intervention as such cameras possess advanced AI tools that have the potential to recognise whether the people have symptoms of fever, can track their movements and detect whether they are wearing masks or not.

The impact of this technology is not just limited to diagnosing the symptoms of the virus. Seeing the healthcare systems are being overwhelmed with the surge in the number of patients, a Canadian-based company has created a multilingual virtual healthcare agent that can provide you with guidelines and instructions about preventive measures. This virtual agent can also answer your questions. You can also get to know whether you need hospital screening or self-quarantine.

It ensures preventive measures

Drones and robots are part of AI technology. Social distancing and another preventive measure like wearing masks are the only way to contain the virus, the use of drones and robots has suddenly hiked up recently.

To ensure that people are abiding by the rules, drones are eyeing on people to know whether they are wearing masks when they are out of their homes and whether they are maintaining the protocol of social distancing. Some drones are being used to spray sanitizers to disinfect public places.

Drones are also being used for medical supplies. With a rise in the number of patients with such an alarming rate, ensuring the satisfactorily medical supply is a daunting task. Drones are the safest way to supply drugs immediately, especially in an emergency case.

Further, robots are also leaving no stone unturned to benefit the healthcare staff. Though doctors have to diagnose and treat the patients with COVID19, there is always a risk to them of being infected. Therefore, the use of robots has increased.

Hospitals are using them for offering food and medicines to patients. Such robots are also involved in cleaning and disinfecting the premises. It is undoubtedly one of the best ways to avoid human-to-human contact that spreads the infection rapidly. 

Now you have got to know how AI is helping the health industry to fight with COVID19. The technology is also helping to make the desired vaccination for the cure of this pandemic. It can accurately analyse data compared to a regular computer programming. Of course, the health industry is shelling out a lot of money in this, and it is not fighting shy of taking out the unemployed loans.

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