November 11, 2019

Guaranteed Loans for Your Urgent Home Needs: How It Can Help

By : Ellie Brown

Home probably holds the most crucial place in any one’s heart. It is just not a physical infrastructure created by piling up the bricks to seek shelter. Home is the paradise where we knit everlasting memories with our families and siblings. Every room in the house has its unique tale of stories. A place where we store things from the smallest of things to the biggest ones, we use the home for multiple purposes.

Now, being a member of the house, it is the responsibility of every people who should take care of their beautiful abode. Well, within time, our home starts fading and gets damaged. It is essential to check these signs and address them at the earliest. Not, taking action on time means that you will eventually experience urgent situations. At times, there will be many cases where you will need immediate home repairs such as:

  • Home renovation
  • HVAC servicing
  • Kitchen countertops installation
  • Fixing Roof leakage
  • Getting plumber service
  •  Drainage issue

Not having enough Funds in your pocket: Alternate Options

The worst possible case scenario would be when you don’t have enough funds in your pocket to deal with these situations. However, with the option of financial assistance from an external source, you won’t have to face more difficulty. There are direct lenders in the market from where you can get guaranteed loans. These are the type of loans whose approval rate is very high, which means you can get the fund no matter what your financial situations are. You can use the loan for any of the urgent home needs mentioned above or even others.

Guaranteed approval loans come with short and Long term feature both

The best thing about guaranteed loans is that you can go for the long term and short term features both. Therefore, if you are planning to apply for a bigger amount, then long term loan will be the better option. You can easily make the repayment in monthly instalment (up to 36 months). You can go for the larger amount maximum up to £15,000 and repay the amount within 3 years without any inconvenience.
Other than that, if you need a lower amount and need urgent funds, then you can go with short term loans. You can easily apply up to £3,000 and choose the payment amount up to 1 year. This will be helpful during emergency situations when you need immediate funds and facing any crisis at your home.

Easy disbursal and hassle-free procedure

Well, getting such loans from traditional lending source is quite difficult because of the strict rules and regulations. However, the direct lenders have easy procedures, so it becomes comparatively easy to get loans.

You can directly apply online from the reputed lender’s website. You don’t have to go through any tedious and complicated procedure. Just fill the online application form and submit your basic details. If approved, you will get the amount directly at your account within a few days. There will be even a possibility to get funds within the same day if you are going for the smaller amount.

Such fast loans come with no guarantor benefits where you don’t have to present any co-signer or guarantor for the approval of the loan. Now, this saves a lot of time as most of the documents will be submitted on the online platform.

Helpful in boosting your credit score

You can easily get the guaranteed loans even with bad credit. But, this is only applicable if the borrower has a good income. The interest rate could be slightly higher compared to the one with a good credit score.

Still, getting the funds during emergency situations can be of immense help. Also, it will give you a great opportunity to build your credit score provided that you make the payment within time. This will improve your chances of acquiring bigger loans such as Mortgage, Car loan and others without difficulties.  

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