What Is The Concept Of A Direct Lender?

Direct lenders are the individuals or firms that offer financial services to the borrowers. The borrowers are in direct contact with the lenders, ergo, the name direct lenders. There are no middlemen or brokers involved to make money out of the deal.

They are different from banks and other financial institutions in numerous ways. The difference is huge when it comes to their policies and eligibility criterion for the loans. Banks will have a stringent policy with no exceptions for individuals.

While direct lenders with no guarantor and no broker involvement try to serve as many clients as possible through flexible terms, they understand the individual situation and decide on them, instead of some corporate policies. You can expect loan approval even with a bad credit history if you can afford it in recent times.

The elimination of brokers also ensures the whole process takes very little time. The approval process is instant, and within a few hours, the amount is transferred to your account. With banks, the paperwork can take weeks to say the least.

Do Guaranteed Loans From A Direct Lender In The UK Exist?

Guaranteed loans are the ideal solution for people stuck in some financial emergency that require instant funds. Private lenders are the only option in those conditions as banks rarely offer guaranteed loans. The application process is online that takes only a few minutes to complete.

The loan process at banks starts with a long list of formalities. You have to stand in the queues to get a signature. Even after the long wait, there is no guarantee the loan will get approved. In the case of the direct lender for bad credit, the approval rate stands at over 95%.

The only drawback here is the loan amount offered to the borrowers. Even though the loan is guaranteed, the loan amount is based on your repaying capability. We don’t want you to get buried under a pile of debts and make another default on the credit history.

How Loans From Direct Lender Works?

The loan process at direct lenders is made online instead of time-consuming trips similar to the banks. You need to visit the lender’s website and fill the details asked on the form. After submission, the representative will take care of the whole process.

The eligibility for the loan requires the person to be a UK citizen and have a bank account. They should be at least 18 years of age to apply for the loan. People with extremely poor credit history require a guarantor with a good credit rating to get approval.

You can select the preferred loan tenure based on your monthly income. You have to pay lower instalments each month for long-term loans. While the total interest payable is lesser when a shorter-term is selected.

A direct lender in the UK will deduct instalments automatically from the bank account on the decided date. You can select the date for repayment based on your convenience and preference. It is recommended to choose a date in the same week of your salary to ensure any delay in salary doesn’t cause defaults on the payment.

What Are The Advantages Of Borrowing Loans From A Direct Lender?

There are many advantages when you select a direct lender over a bank. We have mentioned some of the significant benefits here in the list below -

Direct lenders offer loan to people regardless of their credit ratings. Your previous financial mistakes are not the perfect criteria to judge the present finances. If you can manage to repay the loan, there is no reason to reject the application.

As mentioned earlier, the approval process takes a few hours to complete. You need to apply online with all the details. Our representative will get in touch with you and approve the application in no time.

Direct lenders for bad credit have no stringent policies of loan approval that always have some reason to reject the application. At FortniteMoney, our approval rates are above 95% to a long list of clienteles. We offer loan to unemployed, retired, and people on benefits to make sure a vast majority of borrowers are served.

Each borrower is different; there requirement and finances require a personalised plan. Only then you can expect everyone to repay the loan comfortably without creating unnecessary stress on the budget. Direct lenders offer terms based on the borrower’s preferences to reduce the chances of defaults.

You don’t always have to find an asset or contact to get a loan in a time of need. You can get a loan without them if you have a reliable source of income. There is no need to create needless stress on the relationships.

The interest rates are kept low for borrowers from different profiles because of the competition in the market. Direct lenders are commonly the second opinion after banks. Therefore, they have to offer reduced rates to attract customers.

Am I Eligible To Apply For Guaranteed Payday Loans From Direct Lender?

You are eligible to apply for loans from a direct lender for bad credit regardless of your credit profile and employment status. There are certain financial assessments conducted to check the repaying ability of the borrower.

For the eligibility, a person fulfilling the following conditions can apply for a loan -

People with extremely bad credit ratings may find it hard to get approval. A guarantor can help them to get favourable terms. However, there is no guarantee of a loan if they already have a long list of liabilities.

What Happens After I Apply For A Loan From Direct Lender?

After you submit the application form, the representatives from direct lenders verify the details. You will get the approval within a few hours and the loan amount will be credited to your account. The amount will be decided on your application and current financial condition.

The repayment duration is based on your preference. The instalments will be deducted from your account each month. Also, there is an option to increase the tenure without taking another loan.

What Is The Difference Between Direct Lending And Indirect Lending?

The role of brokers creates the difference between direct and indirect lending. They may help you get a better deal, but their fees can cost you more than the money saved on the interest. Here is a comparison between the two lending models -

Direct Lending Indirect Lending
Overall Cost Less with no broker fees. Broker fees and other charges are included.
Processing Time It takes a few hours to get credit. The process can take weeks to get completed.
Term Flexibility Flexible terms offered based on borrowers’ requirements. Terms are offered on eligibility, therefore, less flexible.
Transparency Complete transparency in the process. Brokers are the only point of contact which reduces transparency.

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Is Fortnitemoney A Direct lender?

Yes, of course, we are a direct lender in the UK that offers financial services to the customers in need. At Fortnitemoney, we serve people with different credit profiles by providing them with different types of loan.

Here is a list of loans you will find in our catalogue above –

You can expect complete guidance throughout every process, from application to repayment, from our representatives. The interest rates are kept competitive to prevent any overwhelming debt situations for the borrowers. And you can select the terms and even extend it to prevent another default in the credit history.

Apply any time you want, and there is no need to wait for the application window to open. The online process will take a few minutes of your times at the comfort of your home. Our representative will start working on your application as quickly as possible.

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