About Fortnitemoney

Unlike other direct lenders, Fortnitemoney was established with the desire of doing something UNIQUE and providing something USEFUL. For us, serving the borrowers’ purpose financially is like a proud feeling where we get motivated to do more. In the vast UK marketplace, plenty of lenders are marking their presence but for own business interests. It is where we are different from others, as we listen to you and offer loan terms that match to your circumstances. Our loan products are not only saving and improving the individual’s finance, but these are also technically smart to offer instant funding access to the borrowers.

We Are a New-Age Direct Lender

We did not have started our company to stand as the competition to other private lenders. Instead, we are passionate enough to mark our line separately. Our motive is to become an example for others and an ideal lending hub for the loan seekers.

We deal 100% online; it indicates that we do not believe in the cumbersome application procedure. In place of it, our primary concern is to make borrowing effortless by presenting the instant, convenient and secure digital lending. Of course, you have the backup of our professional customer care available 24/7 and 5 days a week.

We Are Here To Save Your Pocket

At Fortnitemoney, our primary job is to personalising your loan deal as much as it can be so that borrowing won’t cost you too much. No upfront charges, no surprising cost and no extra burden on to your finances, it is what we can vouch for you.

We know money can do well for you, but we do those extraordinary things that money can do. Therefore, our borrowers would like to come back to us again, and they recommend our company’s name to their near and dear ones.

And, this is why we are among the most preferred direct lenders in the UK.

We Are Available For Every Financial Class

Your past and present financial status can put obstacles in your way. But we convert these Obstacles into the Opportunities.

First-time borrowers, tenants, unemployed, bad credit, very poor credit, students and retiree people, all are welcome here to apply for the loans and grab the most attractive borrowing features through the online route.

  • Thousands of satisfied customers
  • Qualified financial experts
  • Never-seen-before loan features
  • True transparency while lending
  • Time and money-saving process

At Fortnitemoney, we continuously motivate ourselves by pursuing business ethically, and that will be of higher standards.

Features of Fortnitemoney

Management of Fortnitemoney that makes the roots

Our actual strength to serve you in the right manner lies in our management that contains the experts of industry. They keep us enlightened with their expertise to provide only best to the borrowers with an individualistic approach.

Matt Brenan

Matt BrenanFounder and CEO

“Determined to provide uncompromised financial services, Fortnitemoney serves across the United Kingdom. Quick response to the applicants is always in our priority and that is what makes us renowned for giving instant loan approval decisions. Also, we win the trust of our borrowers with 98% approval rate. We always have something for all whether it is a new customer or the existing one.”

David Warden

David Warden Director

“Fortnitemoney is an escape window from all the versions of financial mess. The prime aim of our presence is to serve the people during the slightest stress to toughest mess. A small money crisis or a big chaos like Brexit, we have provided funds to numberless people. We are rational and do not suffocate the possibilities of loan approval just because of poor credit score. Prove repay capacity and get money. Simple rule to provide strong support.”

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