Want A Financial Helping Hand Now? No Guarantor Loans Are There For You

Are you going through the toughest financial scenario in your life? Do you want to apply for the loan but struggle with no guarantor? This may be a serious problem to deal with, but now you are in the right place.

You might be feeling disappointed with the conventional lending by not to get the desired funding assistance. It is the reason why you have approached the modern-age lending to get assured financial help in the crucial times. It becomes more useful when you have a poor credit score, and the lender is accepting your application for loans without guarantor.

Being a borrower, you know how important is your credit score to get the guaranteed loan acceptance, and it will be the integral factor. You will see the clear difference between the lending of Fortnitemoney and other private lenders in the UK that we are always ready to help people with low credit profile and help them with specialised deals.

The problem of bad credit score adds more worry for the individuals when they do not have a person to take their guarantee. Being a responsible direct lender, we understand these things and forward a helping hand towards you with offering bad credit loans with no guarantor and no credit check on the flexible norms.

Where To Utilise Bad Credit Loans With No Guarantor?

‘You cannot stop the problems to come into your life, but you have the solutions to eradicate their impact'

Your financial problems have the right solution as loans for bad credit without a guarantor required. The most significant benefit of applying for loans from us is that we are not interested in knowing where you are going to use the borrowed sum. Our primary focus is getting familiar with your repayment capacity so that you can easily manage the repayments throughout the loan term. Our loan offers to assist you in fulfilling small funding purposes and needs, in which few of them are mentioned here.

For Health Expenses

  • Get money for any health issues especially paying bills
  • Utilise the money for having a treatment yourself or helping others in getting the best medical aid
  • You can use the money to purchase costly medicines for better treatment

For Merging Debts

  • Consolidate all pending dues in a single go
  • No matter what your income status is, consolidate your debts
  • We are prepared to accept your part-income as a repayment source
  • Get the early obligation-free loan quote

For Study Expenses

  • Now easily pay our tuition fees with no financial worries
  • You can quickly pay your hostel rent or to buy stationery for the error-free project
  • Not only for the students, but no guarantor loans are accessible for the parents to assist their kids

For Enhancing Credit File

  • Enjoy the liberty to choose your own repayment term according to your capacity
  • You can opt for our fee-free lending advice and make repayments on time
  • We do not charge any early repayment fees rather encourage borrowers to do so.

What Precautions Should You Follow With Fast Loans With No Guarantor?

Arranging a guarantor has been a top priority for the borrowers and lenders. Indeed, having a guarantor with good credit history brings low-interest rates on the loans but not always you have the guarantor to back you. We still provide you with competitive interest rates if you do not have the guarantor and bad credit score is there.

The quick loans with no guarantorthat we provide to you are suitable for everyone’s pocket. You get the approval and the fund disbursal on the same day. However, as the responsible direct lender, it is our duty to suggest to you what to do or what to do not while looking for these fast loans.

Follow Not to Follow
Apply early in the day or early in the week to get the instant funding Do not apply with insincerity. Lenders are offering loans despite no guarantor to co-sign.
Try to borrow a small amount to repay quickly later You cannot expect large funding with these loans
Mention only accurate details while submitting the online application Do not try to make pre-payment quite early as it impacts on the given rates
Keep concentrate on the improvement of credit ratings Do not take the repayments lightly rather pay them on time

Can Unemployed People Get Same Benefits On No Guarantor Loans

Fortnitemoney is always come ahead to help the people irrespective of their past credit errors and our loans for unemployed with bad credit and no guarantor are the best example of it. We follow a straightforward lending norm where assistance is for everyone and everywhere. You only need to convince us that you can afford the loan repayment throughout the loan term and we are already there for you. However, make sure you are unemployed but not more than 6 months.

Given below are the advantages of unemployed loans with no guarantor especially for you:-

Why Choose Us?

Borrow from £1000 to £8,000*

Borrow from £1000 to £8,000*

Repay up to 1.5 year

Repay up to 1.5 year

No need to approach anyone

No need to approach anyone

Take your own guarantee

Take your own guarantee

Affordable interest rates

Affordable interest rates

Borrow funds on same day

Borrow funds on same day

No co-signer needed either

No co-signer needed either

Easy-to-quality eligibility criteria

Easy-to-quality eligibility criteria

Does Fortnitemoney Offer No Guarantor Loans With Very Bad Credit?

Like the people with bad credit history, individuals with very bad credit score also have the problem of not having the guarantor. With limited financial credibility, no one agrees to take their guarantee, and thus, denial becomes their destiny. It does not happen with us, as we offer very bad credit loans with no guarantor and no broker.

These loans have the following features that can satisfy any borrower with adverse credit history:-

Credit scores are the indications of an individual’s financial credibility, and the presence of the guarantor increases it. With no guarantor is there to back you, we still have the provisions for you as no guarantor loans available on reasonable norms.

Your mind should be cleared in what to opt for or what to not during financial emergencies. We have paved the easiest way to get the funds by offering loans for bad credit with no guarantor on benefits. Apply now to get the funds within 15 minutes.

No Guarantor Loans FAQs

Can I get 15-minute loans from direct lenders?

Yes, you can get 15-minute loans from direct lenders. However, these loans are small loans. It means you can get the money for a small period. You will be liable to pay off the debt in a lump sum on the due date. You can get these loans even if you have a bad credit rating.

Can I apply for a loan when I am unemployed?

If you are unemployed, you can still borrow money. These loans are known as unemployed loans. However, it does not indicate that you do not need to prove your repaying capacity. Your benefits will be considered your income.

If you have any other income source like a part-time job, you can also show that. This will help you borrow a good amount of money.

Can I apply for a loan without a guarantor in case of a bad credit rating?

If you have a bad credit rating, you will need to show additional security apart from income to mitigate the risk of the lender. If you do not have a guarantor, you can apply with a co-applicant. However, if you need a small amount of money, you are eligible for a loan without a guarantor.

Do guaranteed loans mean a 100% guarantee?

No lender promises that you will get a loan with a 100% guarantee. Guaranteed loans mean a high approval rate. It can be up to 97%. A lender will check your credit rating to see your affordability, and they can turn down your application if they are sceptical about your repaying capacity.

Can I improve my credit rating with no guarantor loans?

As far as it is about building your credit score, these loans are not suitable. Since no guarantor loans are very small and paid off in a lump sum, they cannot show your repayment behaviour. You should take out instalment first direct loans instead.

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