Text Loans – A Message That Brings You Money To Fight Financial Crisis

Mobile messages are not useful to send birthday wishes only; they are much more powerful than that. The multiple little money crisis incidents you go through need immediate funds for help. What if you get a loan in a short-time by sending a text to a lender? It is the reality of the finance market today due to the presence of text loans.

Fortnitemoneyoffers text loans in exchange for a small message from your side. Whether you are standing on a highway or in the queue to meet a doctor for a medical emergency, help can reach in a short time.


  • Borrow from least £1000 to £5000
  • Quick approval, quick fund transfer
  • Repair your bad credit score/history
  • No fees, no hidden charges in process
  • Tenure from 3 months to36 months
  • No footprint with soft credit check

Features Of Text Loans By Direct Lenders

Every type of lending has varied features, and when it comes to text loans, they are the specialized products of direct or online loan companies. In such cases, it is necessary to understand the comfort you get while exploring text loans by direct lenders.

The multiple features are actually helpful when you want money really fast. The mobile friendliness of Fortnitemoney keeps the borrowing process hassle-free and makes instant text loans convenient to access.

Text Loans for Bad Credit are There If You Earn Well and Can Repay Well

Yes, text loans we offer are devoid of any bias of credit score status. If a borrower can pay back the funds, we can provide text loans for bad credit people without putting any additional cost during the money transfer process.

To deliver you important information, a soft check is considered as no credit check. People usually search them with text loans direct lenders no credit check, which is actually text loans with soft credit check. With the right term, you can find us easily online and can get the loan at the right time.

Note – Similar to bad credit history, we also accept no credit history loan applications. Every financial life experiences everything for the first time in life. Our text loans are designed for a wider range of borrowers, and that is the reason we accept almost every application.

Instant Text Loans With No Brokers Required – It Is Only Between You And Us

It really makes no sense to make you take the help of such a small loan. Direct lending is not only about sending money conveniently, but it is also about lending funds unobstructed. Yes, it is a great pain to pay a broker fee for taking a loan. Text loans usually serve instant needs, how is it possible to find a logic in first finding a broker and then reach to the lender and then take the loan. It makes no sense.

This is why you can get instant text loans with no brokers required -

The reason behind no broker strategy is the tiny size of these loans. Also popular as mini text loans, these handy financial products need no other bridge to send funds to you.

Text Payday Loans – We Also Give Funds On The Basis Of Your Payday

In financial lives, nothing is more promising than the payday when you get the reward of your hard work. Make this payday get financial assistance at the time of need. Exploit our text payday loans with a cheaper deal that has a lower rate of interest and repay on the next payday.

We keep every option open to borrow money because unforeseen money crisis ever knocks your door. It intrudes and causes a mess leaving you with the clue on what to do. Definitely savings, support from friends and family are there but not always. When it comes to personal finances, you have to attain self-reliance, why to depend on help when you can borrow money in a short time.

Text Loans Vs Personal Loans Which Are Better– WHY?

There are reasons behind why people chase text loans and why they are their favourite. There is always a comparison between personal and text loans. They both solve many financial concerns of the borrowers, but they have to bear a contrast with the text loans. Some unique qualities of these mini loans make them different from their counterparts and make them more desirable.

Text loans Personal loans
Instant funding through a simple text from your mobile. Instant but not as speedy as sending a message.
Lower rate of interest and smaller instalments those are easy to repay. A bit higher rate of interest and the instalments, not as small as text loans.
A maximum value smaller than personal loans but can serve to small purposes. A bit bigger loan amount limit with the larger maximum loan amount.

The comparison above draws following conclusions that are rational and relatable - 

Why Choose Us?

Borrow from £1000 to £5000*

24x7 available

Repay up to 1 year

Quick fund disbursal

Tenant & Homeowners welcome

Instant approval

Stay Safe & Secure

Apply with bad credit

Loans for any purpose

No purpose constraint

Instant online decision

Soft credit check

We don't charge any fees

Inexpensive deals

No guarantor required

No guarantor required

We Suggest Do Not Make These Mistakes When You Apply For Mini Text Loans

Sometimes borrowers fail to get timely financial assistance because they were making some basic mistakes. Why lose your chance of winning approval on your loan application?  

Mini text loans can be obtained through a short and simple message if you send the message to many lenders that affect your credit score. We do soft check, but not all lenders give this facility. More lenders you apply for a loan, more search footprint can occur. The finance companies take you as a credit hungry person, and that spoils future chances of obtaining loans and other products.

Direct lending offers instant money with least formalities. In that case, if you apply for the loan with inadequate or wrong details, rejection chances can increase. In place of facing this threat, why not play safe and provide every necessary information? It takes a few seconds, and once it is done, you get the money in the next few minutes.

You can indeed borrow funds despite a poor payment history or a low credit score. However, that is applicable when you occasionally had missed or delayed payments. If that payment issues exist consistently and extend up to the recent past, rejection chances increase. It is necessary to show the intention of improvement in financial behaviour. One small effort and approval can occur quickly.

Perhaps in the haste of getting funds or probably due to overconfidence, but many borrowers apply for a larger amount. It usually happens in the case of those with no credit history, bad credit history or poor income-expenditure ratio. Always apply for a loan amount that you can afford to repay quickly and on time.

All the above mistakes are common but quite annoying when you need funds in a short time for an essential purpose. Make sure you do not make them because in that case, you will be spoiling all your chances of getting financial relief. 

Fortnitemoney has only one aim and that is your financial comfort. Every day we receive thousands of applications from the fund seekers, and most of them get approved. You can say the score is 98/99(approvals) out of 100 applications. You should be able to get a last-minute saviour help, and we can arrange that in one text message from your mobile.

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