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Borrow from £1000 to £5000*

Borrow from £1000 to £5000*

Repay up to 1 year

Repay up to 1 year

Tenant & Homeowners welcome

Tenant & Homeowners welcome

Stay Safe & Secure

Stay Safe & Secure

Loans for any purpose

Guaranteed Loan Approval

Instant online decision

Instant online decision

We don't charge any fees

We don't charge any fees

No guarantor required

No guarantor required

Christmas Loans - Let’s Fund Your Festive Rapture

Everyone loves to enjoy life, and there is no other occasion that can present extreme ecstasy than CHRISTMAS. Yes, you have been waiting for this day to come so that you can enjoy with your family and friends with full delight. Wait!

Christmas loans are specifically designed to help you out during the financial issues that may occur around the festival. They are unsecured and do not require any collateral to secure the loan amount from £1000 to £10000. We are the responsive direct lender in the UK and assure the Christmas loan deals fulfil your aspiration and need both.

Come online and start applying for the loans under the following process:-

Submit the Online Form

Fill the form with mandatory details that should be genuine. Once you do that, click on ‘submit’ button and wait for the approval.

15 Minute Loan Approval

You don’t have to wait for long rather you will get approval mail within 15 minutes. We do verify the details but that won’t take too much time.

Fund Transfer in 60 Sec.

Once your loan is approved, we straightway transfer the amount to your bank account within an hour of application submitted.

What Features Will I Get With Guaranteed Christmas Loans?

With high loan approval rates, we are continuously serving the financial interests of our borrowers. Christmas cash loans are the prime example of it that we offer on personalised features such as:

1. For both Tenants and Homeowners
The best part of our lending process is that we provide loans for both tenants and homeowners. The terms and conditions are more or less similar, but for homeowners, they can apply for the large amount on the state of pledged collateral. However, tenants do not have such collateral like home, but they can also snatch attractive discounts in the interest rates during the festival season.

2. For those with no full-time Employment
Unemployment cannot be the reason for not celebrating the festival. Many people seem frustrated with the lack of funds to celebrate Christmas. Being our eligible borrower, you can avail our guaranteed Christmas loans and forget that you have no job. Enjoy the festival, invite your friends or go for some outings with having enough money in your hand.

3. For any festive need and aspiration
We do not ask for your loan purpose, because for us, your right intention is far more significant towards the loan process. Once you receive the money into your bank account, you can use it to purchase accessories, gifts, clothes or give Christmas party to your near and dear ones.

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Is There Liberty To Apply For Christmas Loans For Bad Credit People?

As unemployment should not be the reason not to celebrate, your bad credit score is also not the reason either. You may have a low credit rating because you made several mistakes in the past. However, if you have been right in your recent financial performance, you have every right to apply for the guaranteed loan and get the approval.

We have framed bespoke offers on Christmas loans for poor credit. The primary loan features are:

No Guarantor Is Necessary: Do you want to apply for the loans with no extra burden? Of course, you are, after all, it is Christmas. We give you the liberty to apply with no guarantor is required. The interest rates will remain competitive and will meet your financial capacity.

Approval is On Income Basis: We do not want to confuse you in terms of multiple obligations. Instead, we have kept only one way to approve your application, and it is your income status. Sit with us online, and we both analyse your monthly income and then the repayment capacity. Based on it, all the loan terms are finalised.

Competitive Interest Rates: Despite you are on the low credit scores, you can expect competitive interest rates on any loan deal. This policy makes us different from other private lenders in the UK. As mentioned above, the rates are decided only after knowing the capacity of your monthly earning.

Want to Know More About Fortnitemoney? Fortnitemoney Fund your Christmas with:
How Much Amount You Can Borrow? £1000 to £10,000 Competitive Interest Rates
Loan Repayment Term (Min. - Max.) 3 Months to 60 months Secure & Safe Process
How Much Interest Do I Need to Pay? 15.3% APR Responsible and Responsive
Do you charge Fees for your service? No Fees No Hidden Cost
What if I have bad credit score? All Credit Scores Are Accepted Higher Acceptance Rate

Are Christmas Loans Available With No Credit Check Or Not?

We are not hard to our loan policies, or if we are, then it is only on the loan repayments. Other than that, we are soft to our approach, particularly related to the credit scores of the borrowers. Our loan products also have the deal on Christmas loans with no credit check.

This loan deal has the following benefits:

  • For first-time borrowers, these loans are the significant help because their lack of credit record does not create any ruckus.
  • There is always a chance of credit score improvement for which you have to make the repayment on time.
  • Your credit score will not be revealed to any third party, and you can plan the deal with us accordingly.
  • Online application eases the process that has less documentation and higher approval rates.

Does Fortnitemoney Invite Everyone For Christmas Loans?

Yes, Fornitemoney has opened its lending doors to apply for Christmas loans.

  • From working-class to unemployed;
  • From good credit to very poor credit;
  • From guaranteed to no guarantor;
  • From tenant to the homeowner;
  • From secured to unsecured;
  • From student to single mothers;
  • From young adults to retired people

This is not the end at all. Instead, we are also offering Christmas loans for people on benefits. For them, we do provide doorstep lending process, and they can get cash while sitting at their home. Besides, unlike other UK direct lenders, we are geared up to accept the receiving benefits as the source of making loan repayments.

When everything seems in your hand, you cannot lose out the opportunity. At Fornitemoney, you have financial assistance to celebrate the festival with great enthusiasm. Apply now and get the funds.

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