What Are Guaranteed Loans?

When a borrower applies for a loan, he is liable to guarantee the loan repayment. Once the applicant does that, then these loans become guaranteed loans.

Traditionally, loans are guaranteed through a guarantor, who is a person who holds a good financial record and is a homeowner. If the primary borrower defaults, then the guarantor becomes responsible for making the pending payments.

These loans are also called guaranteed acceptance loans. It is because the lender can accept the loan applications as the guarantor’s commitments are already involved.

What if someone does not have any guarantor? In such a case, the definition of guaranteed loans shifts from guarantor to collateral. It means borrowers can pledge a valuable asset to guarantee the loan repayment. However, the asset should have an equal value to the borrowed sum.

There is another condition where guaranteed loans are practical. Borrowers can use their monthly income as a loan guarantee. They do not need a guarantor and collateral in such a situation, as they want only a small amount (usually during financial emergencies).

Can Only A Homeowner Be Eligible For 100% Guaranteed Loans?

Borrowers who have their own homes can reckon themselves with the automatic choice for 100% guaranteed loans. They can pledge collateral in the form of their home as the loan collateral. Problems may occur for those living on rent.

Yes, banks and traditional institutions may not consider the loan application of tenants. They consider these applicants as risky borrowers with no surety of timely repayments. Here, the direct lenders like us show their importance.

We can accept your application for guaranteed loan acceptance even if you are not the homeowner. We know that providing the collateral is not possible, but we can analyse your income capacity to get the repayments.

It means if you can afford the loan, we are ready to fund your financial needs. The borrowing amount may be small, but more chances are of getting assured loan approval.

Here are the features of guaranteed loans for tenants:-

  • You can have urgent funding during the financial emergency
  • These loans are risk-free as no collateral is there to lose if you miss the repayments
  • Due to the small amount, the tenant with any credit history can seek the loan approval
  • Repayment terms will be flexible where you can choose according to your suitability

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Can I Get Guaranteed Loans With No Credit Check On Adverse Credit Score?

Guaranteed loans with no credit check are the possibility if the borrowers meet specific guidelines. People with poor credit history can undoubtedly get a second chance of borrowing.

What about borrowers with very poor credit scores? Do they also deserve another chance? Yes, they deserve a second chance to show their financial credibility. We understand their financial compulsions and problems, especially when they have denied borrowing funds.

We bring another chance for them to get the necessary funding irrespective of their adverse credit scores. Moreover, people who have very bad credit scores do not need any broker to approach. We are the direct lender, and we will fund you directly.

As your credit score is not satisfactory, you may have some conditions to follow. Read them and clear everything with us before applying. These are:-

  • You should not have any bankruptcy charges for the last 3 years
  • Acceptance on loans maybe for those with County Court Judgement (CCJ) only if the situations were responsible
  • An only a small amount is there to borrow beneficial during the financial emergency
  • You should be earning a good monthly income to ensure the loan repayments

Besides, we would like to see significant improvement in your recent credit record. If everything is there, you will get guaranteed loans with very bad credit scores.

What Risks Are Involved With Guaranteed Loans With No Guarantor?

Now you know that guaranteed loans with no guarantor are available with us. It will bring a lot of advantages to your favour. As the responsible private lender in the UK, FortniteMoney also wants to suggest some of the risks involved with these loan options.

Before describing those risks, we do not mean that you should not apply for these loans. You are always welcome to come and apply. If there is any confusion is there, our lending experts are ready to assist you in the best possible way.

Given below are the risks involved with guaranteed loans without a guarantor:-

  • You are not allowed to borrow the large amount as these loans are applicable primarily for emergencies;
  • Guarantor’s absence puts the whole responsibility of the loan repayments on you;
  • You need to have a full-time monthly income. Part-time earning may not impress the lender;
  • To get the large amount, you may have to put collateral against the borrowed amount, which can be risky;
  • As you are only the person to make the repayments, you may lose the credit score if you default in between.

These risks are maybe there, but we can assure you with proper assistance and support during the financial crunch.

Are Guaranteed Loans Available For Unemployed With Bad Credit?

Unemployment has already put lots of restrictions in front of you. If you have a poor credit score, too, then it can add more limitations to your borrowing chances. Fortunately, chances are still alive on 100% guaranteed loans for the unemployed despite any credit history.

We have opened the lending doors for you because we know that you might have poor credit in some circumstances. With no regular job, you may not be able to make complete payments and accumulate many debts. All these factors contributed to your poor credit score.

We follow flexible lending policies where everything is available for everyone. Just show your loan affordability. We are going to approve the loan for your financial needs.

Nevertheless, you need to follow these instructions that are applicable on guaranteed loans for unemployed with bad credit:-

  • You should borrow under your repayment capacity; otherwise, it will affect your credit score;
  • Manage monthly income as such from which you can easily manage the monthly loan instalment;
  • Do not use credit cards more or try not to apply for another loan in between;
  • Keep your focus on improving the credit score as it will put your good impression;

What Are Guaranteed Payday Loans?

Guaranteed Payday loans are another form of borrowing where a third party guarantees the loan repayment. The loan guarantee works when the primary borrower fails to make the repayments. It makes the lender comfortable as there is no risk in fund ing the borrowers.

People with bad credit or no credit score can access these loans. They have the guarantor’s backup, and thus guaranteed approval might be there. Otherwise, lenders do not consider their loan applications.

The choice of a guarantor should be the correct one. The person should have a good credit score and be a homeowner. He/she should be capable enough to make the pending loan repayments if the main borrower defaults.

Nevertheless, it is not always compulsory to bring a guarantor and to get a loan. You can do it with other factors as well. These can be collateral or your income too. Of course, the borrowing amount may go up or down, but for sure, i.e. LOANS ON AFFORDABILITY.

Let us discuss all three forms of loan guarantee in detail:

Fortnitemoney offers loans on affordability. Therefore, we are providing the loan approval on the guarantee of borrowers’ income..

How Can I Get Guaranteed Payday Loans In The UK?

Getting guaranteed payday loans are easy to get nowadays, thanks to the online loan application format. You only have to fill up an online form with a few personal details mentioned. There is no paperwork and legwork needed.

As loans are beyond formalities, you always have a chance of an early loan decision. However, it does not mean that you should not do anything to get the funds. We just analyse your income status, and approval is there.

You need to prepare yourself before applying. We do not mean that you should approach a broker, but you should analyse certain things on your own. These include:-

How Can I Apply For Guaranteed Payday Loans With Bad Credit?

Having a bad credit score limits your chances of borrowing. Where other lenders are restricting individuals with poor credit, we have made specialised deals for them. Guaranteed payday loans for bad credit are the best illustration.

These loans are best suited not only in getting sufficient amount despite lower credit score, but also improving the score as well. There is nothing complicated with us especially when it is related to applying for guaranteed payday loans with poor credit.

With traditional lenders, you have very minimum chances of loan approval. Same is not the case when you seek bad credit loans on guaranteed approval from direct lenders. You just need to be good in a few parts, such as:-

If you are doing work on these aspects, then do not hesitate to submit your loan query now:-.

Where Can I Get Guaranteed Payday Loans With No Credit Check?

Fornitemoney is the responsible direct lender in the UK. We are among the preferred choices when someone looks for guaranteed payday loans from direct lenders with no credit check.

We know that no lender can offer a loan without a credit check, as it is mandatory. We do that to ensure no search footprint to your credit profile. These loans bring a lot of satisfaction for those with bad credit scores. They remain worry-free about the loan approval chances.

Here are the BENEFITS of guaranteed payday loans from direct lenders in UK with no credit check:-

What Does 100% Guaranteed Loan Approval Mean?

Literally, there is no concept called as 100% guaranteed approval loans. There have to be some conditions that lenders must put before the borrowers, and they have to fulfil them.

We also do not promise 100% guaranteed loans, but our sincere efforts will make it possible for you. We do this with our policy of AFFORDABLE LOANS only. You get the loans as per your repayment capacity.

We do not want that you use your savings to make the loan repayments. It is your hard-earned money and should be used for financial planning only. For emergency expenses, we are here with our guaranteed payday loans that may come on 100% acceptance if you fulfil these conditions:-

Execution of these conditions will make you eligible for our guaranteed loans.

How Do I Get Guaranteed Acceptance Loans from Direct Lenders?

You may need payday loans on 100% guaranteed acceptance because of the ongoing financial emergency. Still, the road is not easy to walk upon. You need to be genuine in borrowing funds.

We not only offer loans but also guide borrowers when they are submitting the loan application. Here are some suggestions to follow:-

Follow these tips, and post an error-free online loan application.

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Is There Any Chance of Guaranteed Loans For Unemployed?

Many mainstream lenders hesitate to offer guaranteed loans for unemployed people. They feel these individuals as risky borrowers. We are dedicated to their financial commitments even if they do not have stable employment.

The interest rate, loan term and other features may differ from other standard loans, but the concept of ‘affordable loans’ is always there.

We offer loans on three formats, which are mentioned below:-

Secured Loans for Unemployed

  • Collateral Needed
  • Amount up to £25000
  • Loan tenure up to 60 Months
  • Lower Interest Rates
  • No Guarantor is Required

Unsecured Loans for Unemployed

  • No Loan Security
  • Amount limit is £12500
  • Loans up to 36 Months
  • Competitive Interest Rates
  • You may include a Guarantor

Guaranteed Same Day Loans for Unemployed

  • No Loan Collateral
  • Borrow up to £7000
  • Loan Term up to 24 Months
  • Competitive Loan Rates
  • Approval on Monthly Income

Are Guaranteed Loans With No Guarantor Exist?

Fortnitemoney aims at providing financial assistance that can be easier to manage for the borrowers. Therefore, you can expect guaranteed loans with no guarantor. You do not need a guarantor to ensure the loan repayments, as you apply only in your own capacity.

Applying for no guarantor loans bring multiple advantages, such as:-

We do not need a guarantor, but your monthly income should be sufficient to repay the loan under the schedule.

Why Only Fortnitemoney As Your Direct Lender?

To borrow funds on the flexible norms, you need the assistance of the direct lender in the UK. Fortnitemoney vouches for the responsible direct lending hub where everything is available for everyone. Here are the reasons why choosing us as your lending partner:

Are you looking for the full loan assurance in the critical financial times? Do not worry, as we are giving you the opportunity to apply for guaranteed payday loans now and manage your expenses.

Guaranteed Loans FAQs

What are Guaranteed Acceptance Loans?

Guaranteed acceptance loans are those kinds of loans where borrowers have the assurance of loan approval. These are also called as 100% guaranteed loans or guaranteed loans. In these funding products, lenders approve the loan application after receiving a loan guarantee in the form of collateral or guarantor from the borrowers.

What Does Guaranteed means in guaranteed loans?

The word ‘guaranteed’ defines the assured loan approval for the borrowers when they apply for guaranteed loans. However, lenders are bound to provide only affordable loans. It means borrowers have to show their affordability on the loan interest rates. If they do so, lenders can offer them guaranteed approval on their loan requests.

What does it mean to guarantee a loan?

When you guarantee a loan, it clarifies that you have assured the loan repayment to the lender via pledging an asset, guarantor’s signature or monthly income capacity. If loan is guaranteed from either of these ways, lender gives 100% acceptance to your loan application.

Are guaranteed loans similar to Guarantor Loans?

Yes, guaranteed loans are similar to guarantor loans. Here, your guarantor has take the responsibility of making repayments, which are pending from the primary borrower. While signing the loan contract, your guarantor has to co-sign it with you. Lenders feel safe in funding your needs because they are assured of loan repayments either from you or your guarantor. Therefore, you get the guaranteed loans. .

Are the payday loans offered by Fortnitemoney guaranteed?

Yes, we try hard to offer you guaranteed payday loans. However, certain conditions are levied such as:-

  • You can only borrow small or affordable amount
  • Your full-time or part-time income should have the repayment capacity
  • Your recent credit performance should be satisfactory

Fortnitemoney follows a modern approach where loans can come on guaranteed approval and nothing extraordinary required from your end.

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