Guaranteed Loans: You Have Our Financial Support

When you are looking for the proper solution to your prevailing financial problem, guaranteed loans can play that crucial role. These are the personal loans and can assure long-term funding besides the short-one for the borrowers. We have come up with bespoke lending deals on these loans that you can avail through online platform.

The best thing about these loans is that borrowers can apply for them with a guarantor and with no guarantor too. Whatever the situation they use, borrowers can expect 100% guaranteed approval on to their loan applications.

Note that 100% guaranteed approval does not mean that we will transfer whatever the money you mention in the application form. We will evaluate your repaying capacity and make all possible efforts to help you tide over.


If you have the guarantor to back you, avail the following benefits from us:

  • You get the loans on the lower interest rates.
  • An excellent chance to borrow large funding and to fulfil long-term financial goals.
  • There is no need to pledge the collateral to get the desired funding.

No worry if no one is there to take your guarantee. You can apply for our guaranteed loans with no guarantor:

  • You will get the loans on the competitive interest rates.
  • Guaranteed loans with no guarantor are the best funding option when you need money on an emergency.
  • The loan approval is taken on the basis of borrowers’ income and the affordability.
We are ready to give you fee-free advice on any of the option that you are going to choose. You will ask us anything before applying and borrow funds as per your needs to maintain the on-time repayments.

How Much Amount Can I Borrow With 100% Guaranteed Approval Loans?

We are here to satisfy every financial need of our every borrower. At Fornitemoney, you have the chance of getting the maximum amount up to £50000 for up to 7 years. However, the amount limit will depend upon your income capacity and the affordability to repay the loan.

For instance, Mr. A gets approval for £2,000 while Mr. B gets approval for £1,000 despite the same credit rating. This is because both of them have a different monthly income.

To manage the loan repayments especially when you have the bad credit score, you should not borrow more than you need. You should first analyse your monthly income and then, ask for the amount. Our guaranteed payday loans come in different sizes with different features.

Amount Loan Term
£1,000 - £10,000 24 months
£10001 - £20000 36 months
£20001 - £30000 48 months
£30001 - £40000 60 months
£40001 - £50000 84 months

Therefore, the minimum amount you can apply for is £1,000, and the maximum borrowing limit is £50,000. Remember, you should have the guarantor if you are going to borrow funds more than £25000.

Is Availing Guaranteed Payday Loans From Direct Lender Costly?

If you are going to borrow funds during the financial urgency, then guaranteed payday loans are the best option to consider. Since you do not need to pledge any collateral and need to have the guarantor, then the approval comes on your income basis. Only the principal amount and the interest rate that you need to pay.

Many lenders in the UK do ask for the early repayment charge and the late repayment fees. Fornitemoney does not have such provisions. If you want to pay off the loan early, then you can ask anytime, we will do the favour for you. Similarly, if somehow you could not make the repayments, then tell us early. We will arrange something for you, such as the buffer period of 10-15 days.

Several financial experts insist on to use the online loan calculator before going for options like guaranteed payday loans for bad credit from direct lender. It is indeed a good practice because you will get a clear idea of how much you should borrow up to a specific period.

If you already have the poor credit score, you should be extra careful about the scheduled repayments.

Guaranteed Loans

How Much Chance I have On High Acceptance Loans From Direct Lenders?

When someone applies for the loans, guaranteed acceptance is the top priority. However, the reality is that no lender can guarantee the loan because the deals must be according to the borrowers’ affordability.

Fortnitemoney, as a responsible direct lender in the UK, offers affordable loans and tries hard to bring guaranteed loans for the immediate effect.

You can expect high acceptance guaranteed loans from us, but you need to fulfil the following criteria:-

We prefer to offer you a loan according to your repayment capacity. We do not suggest you use your savings for the repayments. Instead, try to manage from your monthly income.

Are Guaranteed Payday Loans Available With Bad Credit?

A bad credit score always acts as an obstacle when someone goes for borrowing. People with good credit score get the approval easy and on lower interest rates. On the other hand, a poor credit score does not allow smooth approval, and if it is there, then the interest rates on the higher side.

If you have the bad credit scores too, we are here to help you. Despite having the blemished credit report, our lending doors are open for you with guaranteed payday loans for bad credit.


There many borrowers with low credit scores looking for the bad credit guaranteed payday loans with no credit check. If you are performing well in your recent credit performance and showing improvement, then we can consider your loan application with no credit score check. But we do not offer more than your affordability.

Our primary objective is to ensure peace of mind by providing the much-needed financial help. If the amount is small to borrow, we can consider no credit check. Otherwise, we always do a soft credit check to make sure you get the amount according to your income capacity.

Why Choose Us?

Loans for any purpose*

High Acceptance Guaranteed Loans

Any credit history is accepted

Any credit history is accepted

Fund disbursal on same day

Fund disbursal on same day

Repay on your own comfort

Repay on your own comfort

Simple and easy online process

Simple and easy online process

Special Christmas loan offer

Special Christmas loan offer

Paperless application

Paperless application

100% loan approval rate

100% loan approval rate

Why Only Fortnitemoney As Your Direct Lender?

To borrow funds on the flexible norms, you need the assistance of the direct lender in the UK. Fortnitemoney vouches for the responsible direct lending hub where everything is available for everyone. Here are the reasons why choosing us as your lending partner:

Are you looking for the full loan assurance in the critical financial times? Do not worry, as we are giving you the opportunity to apply for guaranteed payday loans now and manage your expenses.

Guaranteed Loans FAQs

Is a guaranteed loan reliable to apply?

Yes, the guarantor loan is a reliable financial term, where you can get the desirable funds depending on the income status. With the borrowing strategy, you can manage to get the approval to solve even a minute to a major query based on the given scenario.

Is it safe to apply for guaranteed loans?

Yes, the lender has designed the borrowing in way where each borrower can use the funds safely. If you think the online platform can be a trap, then just keep one thing in mind that there is no worry. It is because the borrowing from online zone helps the borrower to be in a comfort state to end the duration successfully.

Do direct lenders provide secured guaranteed loans?

Yes, the direct lenders provide guaranteed loans on both secured and unsecured basis. It is on the borrower’s end for which purpose the funds are being taken. The process for both the cases deals with simple application form so that a borrower can get quick approval in short time.

How are guaranteed loans gets deposit?

On successful approval of instant disbursal the lender deposit the amount directly into the borrower’s account. The applicant should have a valid bank account with positive transaction history for better transaction system.

Are high acceptance loans from direct lenders possible with No credit check?

Getting high acceptance guaranteed loans with no credit check is very tough. Every lender has to perform the mandatory credit check, but it should not leave any footprint on your credit profile. Fornitemoney takes care of this, and thus, we do a soft credit check of the borrowers.

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