Why Choose Us?

Loans for any purpose*

Loans for any purpose*

Any credit history is accepted

Any credit history is accepted

Fund disbursal on same day

Fund disbursal on same day

Repay on your own comfort

Repay on your own comfort

Simple and easy online process

Simple and easy online process

Special Christmas loan offer

Special Christmas loan offer

Paperless application

Paperless application

100% loan approval rate

100% loan approval rate

Guaranteed Loans: Your Saviour During Financial Emergency

Guaranteed loans are a type of payday loans that come with 100% guaranteed approval. You do not need to confuse them with guarantor loans. These small loans do not require you to arrange a guarantor, nor do you need to put collateral.

Note that 100% guaranteed approval does not mean that we will transfer whatever the money you mention in the application form. We will evaluate your repaying capacity and make all possible efforts to help you tide over.

How Can I Eligible For Guaranteed Payday Loans? Is The Applying Procedure Convenient To Pursue?

While applying for the loan, make sure that you meet the following criteria:

  • Your age should cross 18 years.
  • You are the citizen or permanent resident of the UK.
  • You have an income source. (Self-employed will need to submit their income tax returns)
  • You have an active mobile number, bank account and email address.

Applying for 100% guaranteed loans is very easy. You need to follow the following steps:

  • Go to our Apply Now page -and fill out the application form.
  • After you submit your application, we will look over your financial circumstances to understand your repaying capacity.
  • We will also run a soft credit check to evaluate your financial behaviour before making an offer.
You will have enough time to read all terms and conditions. You can ask us if you have any query or doubt. If you are satisfied with our offer, you will sign the agreement and submit it and then we will immediately transfer funds to your account.

How Much Can You Borrow With 100% Guaranteed Approval Loans?

A straightforward answer will be £5,000. However, we will analyse your repaying capacity to decide the disbursal limit.

For instance, Mr. A gets approval for £2,000 while Mr. B gets approval for £1,000 despite the same credit rating. This is because both of them have a different monthly income.

We try all out best not to lend you money more than your affordability. This is why we emphasise your affordability. Our guaranteed payday loans come in different sizes with different features.

Amount Loan Term
£1,000 - £1,500 3 months
£1,501 - £3,000 6 months
£3,001 - £5,000 9 months

So, the minimum amount you can apply for is £1,000, and the maximum borrowing limit is £5,000. If you would like to borrow more than £5,000, you will have to submit collateral. You can secure them by a car or a motorbike.

How Much Guaranteed Payday Loans From Direct Lender Cost?

Guaranteed payday loans are like regular short-term loans. You will have to pay the interest along with what you owe. The total cost of the loan generally includes the principal and the interest, but most of the time it is more than this.

Sometimes it quickly adds up because of interest penalties and late repayment fees. If you make any default, the cost of the loan will continue to increase. Therefore, try to bear the following points in your mind:

Guaranteed Loans

Do Guaranteed Payday Loans For Bad Credit People Exist?

When it comes to borrowing money, people with bad credit face more problems than good credit borrowers. Traditional financial institutions do not accept applications from bad credit applicants. If you have an impaired credit standing due to any reason, we can help you. Despite a bad credit score, you can apply for guaranteed payday loans for bad credit.

Even though your credit score is not up to the par, you are eligible to borrow up to £5,000. However, the interest rates will be a bit higher, and if the size of the loan is not over £1,000, you will have to reimburse it in a lump sum.

Some direct lenders in the UK provide bad credit guaranteed payday loans with no credit check. Such loans can be costly and dangerous enough to tie you up with a debt spiral. A reliable lender will not sign off on your loan application without checking your affordability.

We aim to help you tide over during financial emergency, not to make profits by taking advantage of your situation. Therefore, we run a soft credit check and analyse your income statement to make sure that you are not borrowing more than your affordability.

Why Should You Choose Fortnitemoney?

You need to choose a reliable direct lender while taking out a loan. However, various other factors make us stand out.

If you need money, apply for our guaranteed payday loans now. We offer these loans at lower interest rates.

A reminder note:
Guaranteed payday loans can help you tide over during financial emergencies. Apply Now for these loans for any regular or irregular expense.

Guaranteed Loans FAQs

Is a guaranteed loan reliable to apply?

Yes, the guarantor loan is a reliable financial term, where you can get the desirable funds depending on the income status. With the borrowing strategy, you can manage to get the approval to solve even a minute to a major query based on the given scenario.

Is it safe to apply for guaranteed loans?

Yes, the lender has designed the borrowing in way where each borrower can use the funds safely. If you think the online platform can be a trap, then just keep one thing in mind that there is no worry. It is because the borrowing from online zone helps the borrower to be in a comfort state to end the duration successfully.

Do direct lenders provide secured guaranteed loans?

Yes, the direct lenders provide guaranteed loans on both secured and unsecured basis. It is on the borrower’s end for which purpose the funds are being taken. The process for both the cases deals with simple application form so that a borrower can get quick approval in short time.

How are guaranteed loans gets deposit?

On successful approval of instant disbursal the lender deposit the amount directly into the borrower’s account. The applicant should have a valid bank account with positive transaction history for better transaction system.

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