What do you need when you run into a crisis situation? Reliable financial assistance can take you out of the financial hurdle. And, guaranteed payday loans definitely increase the possibility of getting such financial support in the hour of distress.

These loans can minimise your financial stress, provided you use them per your needs. You don’t have to be anxious about sporadic money shortfalls. Fortnitemoney, as a direct lender, facilitates you to borrow without waiting for long to get approval.

How can you validate if you should seek guaranteed approval for a short-term loan? The best way is to check if the loan amount and the repayment term fit in your budget or not, here in this table.

Match your needs between £ 1000 to £ 10000
Adjust the term to repay within 12 to 60 months

You can expect a positive response from our end at the time of applying. Rest assured to have the money credited to your checking account upon guaranteed acceptance of loans.

We understand your curios mind. Thus, we have put together the salient points to help you ascertain that this loan option is the best suited for you. These are:


At times, life may throw unknown problems at you. Don’t let them trouble you even when things are not in favour. With guaranteed approval on the same day for loans, you can fight emergencies despite all odds.

We relieve you from the unexpected financial pressure. We make sure you can borrow in every situation. We want you to know the key points that our lending policy focuses on. These are:


    We do prefer a stable income source. But it is not a compulsion to have it. You will get the opportunity to get an income based guaranteed payday loan from a direct lender like us.

    Here, your income will act as a security against the loan amount, which you want to avail. You will beam with happiness to see convenient rates when you have a perfect credit profile with a stable income.


    Your credit scores signify your creditworthiness. Having good credit scores can ease up the process of borrowing. These scores don’t remain constant throughout time.

    Your credit rating will fluctuate depending on how you are handling financial transactions. You are in an apt position to borrow if you have a stellar credit profile. In this case, you can easily get guaranteed approval for loans without any exertions from a direct lender like us.

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With low credit scores, you should either have:


You can approach Fortnitemoney to take advantage of swift approval without hitches. It does not matter if you are facing a tough time managing monthly bills. We are here to bestow our support at any time.

You can make the most of this guaranteed approval facility to get loans despite bad credit from a direct lender. Let us spill the beans here:

High chances of acceptance: We know how borrowers are desperate to get approval once applying for loans. For this reason, we have adapted features that are easy to fulfil. Above all, we have made it possible for you to apply with very bad credit and fetch loans on guaranteed approval.

Online comfort: Guaranteed loans are offered as an online facility. So, you need not follow any timeline or physical source to grab this type of loan option. Application, approval and even receipt of loans are possible via this online platform.

Unrestricted use: With us, you have the flexibility to use loans as per your current financial needs. You are not bound to follow stringent rules when it comes to loan usage. These loans are available for:

Short turnaround time: We know how stressful it is to wait till money gets arranged in the hour of crisis. With us, you can take pleasure in the instant decision. We don’t believe in delaying the process unnecessarily. For this reason, vital steps are part of our lending process. Besides, we always try to get back to our borrowers irrespective of what has been posted as a query.

Direct transfer of funds: You will get loans delivered to your bank account once approval is guaranteed. We know you can quickly access funds if they are deposited online into your account. So, you don’t have to rush anywhere to collect cash.

Transparency in terms: Borrowers have shown trust in us because of our transparent rates. We never feel the need to hide any fees, and don’t trick our borrowers and charge them heavily. We try to maintain everything crystal clear between you and us.


We look forward to covering different types of borrowers. That’s why we are aware of the different types of needs you may have. Your requirements do not need to match with others.

We have shaped diverse options so you will not have to leave empty-handed. Check the best-suited option for you here:

Payday loans on guaranteed approval

You can opt for this loan option by using your salary check as a guarantee. So, keep your worries aside if your earnings are inadequate to manage your needs. These loans are apt for tackling any random cash shortfalls.

Guaranteed personal loans

You may have personal needs to cater with a financing option. These loans are a perfect fit for such needs. Just be careful to borrow that much, which is bearable for you.

Bad credit loans on guaranteed approval

We have the kept option open for borrowers living with restrictions. You can show your income or costly assets for assurance when your credit scores are not favourable. Bad credit loans also come with guaranteed approval with no guarantor.


It is true. We don’t treat unemployed individuals differently. Considering the fact that unemployment is a reality, we have decided to extend our support as guaranteed loans for the unemployed.

You do not need to disclose the reason for your job loss. Under certain conditions, you can enjoy guaranteed approval on a loan offer from us. These are:

So, if you are in a fix and cannot take the decision, reach out and rely on us for any guidance and unbiased approach. Don’t take any decision if you are still confused!


Once you land at your website, navigation is easy. You can find the ‘Apply Now button to complete the loan application. Here is the roadmap for your convenience:

  • Click on the button
  • Get the form for the application
  • Include vital details with accuracy
  • Bring essential documents at the time of filling the application
  • Crunch the numbers once again
  • Review all details shared by you
  • Submit your application once completing the above steps

It is a hassle free application procedure that you can complete online.

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We have seen how borrowers struggle a lot to apply for and get loan acceptance. We have worked hard on filling up the missing links. Finally, we have a safe and secure interface accessible to anyone.

We want borrowers to save time and effort while looking for a loan. Thus, we provide:

  • Round clock loan assistance
  • Swift response on every query
  • Easy to grab an application
  • Competitive pricing
  • Assurance on approval
  • Affordable Lending Only

Guaranteed Loans FAQs

What Do You Mean by Guaranteed Acceptance Loans?

A Guaranteed acceptance loan is a type of loan that gives the borrowers a 100% approval rate. You need to submit your loan application and be honest about your income statement and credit report. As a result, you will receive a 100% guaranteed loan approval in no time.

Are 100% guaranteed payday loans from direct lenders similar to a guarantor loan?

Yes, a 100% guaranteed payday loans from direct lenders is similar to a guarantor loan because, in both cases, the guaranteed loan approval requires a guarantor from the borrower’s end. However, one may also get guaranteed payday loans without a guarantor.

What Alternatives are there for a guaranteed payday loan from a direct lender?

Well, there are many alternatives to a loan of that kind. You can go for guaranteed loans with no guarantor. You do not need a guarantor to get these loans approved. You can show your income statement and allow us to make a soft credit check, and then the money is yours. You can check out our text loans. Or else you can go for a secured loan, which needs collateral but comes at a very competitive price.

What is the role of a guarantor in a 100% guaranteed acceptance loan?

A guarantor is responsible for paying your debt if you fail to make payments the first time. For your information, a guarantor may be a person such as your family member, colleague, mentor, or anyone. Again, you can also make an organisation or an institution a guarantor.

Can a borrower get bad credit guaranteed loan approval?

Yes, of course. We offer you such direct lender bad credit loans guaranteed approval if you produce your income statements to us. We will check whether your income is stable enough to repay the loan. Once this analysis is over, you can know that a guaranteed loan will soon reach you.

How may I get a guaranteed payday loan from direct lenders with no credit check?

It is possible and easy with us. We can give you such loan benefit under the following conditions.

  • Your steady and reliable financial behaviour
  • If you are borrowing for the first time with us
  • If you are not a credit card holder
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